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For my readers

Since doesn't let a fic be NC-17, I cut part of chapter 9 (which appears as Ch. 10 due to the prologue to the story). Here's the page missing, if you're interested.

Ch. 9 cut sceneCollapse )Hope you enjoyed!

Oh, and BTW, the fic is finally finished, so if you feel like going back. I'll be happy! :D


Chuck Lorre on Democracy and freedom

It featured at the end of last week's Big Bang Theory's chapter.

Sex tapes

Usually, I have a theory for pretty much anything that comes to mind, but for the love of Merlin, I cannot fathom why anyone would make a Sex tape. I, for one, wouldn't enjoy watching myself naked, moving and panting and making weird noises. Not for me. I love sex, don't get me wrong, and I think me and my husband are H-O-T when we have sex (I would put "make love", but we're talking about sex here), and I like my body and his very much, but putting it on tape (or DVD)? For what?

Judging but what we see in television, movies, and entertainment news, it is a widely expanded custom in many places, so here's me trying to make sense of it.

The question here is: Why would you tape (well, now it's not tape, but record) yourself having sex with someone else? From what we've seen, nothing good ever comes from it: bad press, painful reminders, broken relationships, etc.

The initial answer that comes to mind is "to masturbate", but then I think: if you have a partner, and a healthy sex life (I take it that someone who would record him or herself and their partner having sex, have a very active sex life with them), masturbation, while a nice practice, is much nicer when you're accompanied.

Maybe you tape yourself so if something were to happen to your relationship, you would still have a reminder of what it was like. However, that DEFINITELY can't be healthy: if a relationship is over, to see yourself consumate it with the other person, doing the act that makes intimacy intimate, can bring nothing but pain and regrets, and no one should live with pain and regrets (unless they deserved it, which would be karma).

It is also possible that the couple is only looking to better themselves and the act of sex (and/or love). Perhaps that could be a reasonable answer as to why you'd do a sex tape. You see it, you analyze it, you say "I think you don't look confortable here", "this sound you made didn't seem very pleasurable", "that part I didn't enjoy", "maybe you could try this a little more often, I liked it"... I don't know. It is possible. But to me it would be like taking away the magic and the mystic of the act itself. These things you talk, not analyze with evidence, in my opinion. Also, the talk should be based on feelings and senses, not in a tape (or DVD), where things are often cold, distant and easily misinterpretable (I know it's not a word, but seemed precise in this context). 

These three scenarios played, I wonder: why risk it? In any case, if there was another partner who found the tape, I'm sure s/he wouldn't be happy. What if it got leaked and everyone got to see you naked, moving and panting and making weird noises. What if, in the second case for example, you got hung up so much in that lost love's sex tape that you missed chances to meet a new love? Or if, in the third case for another example, when you saw the tape, you didn't like it and it damaged, or worse yet, ruined your sex life? Why risk it.

The next answer I can think about is that the couple has some aspirations to be porn movies directors; that they have their goal clear (so to speak) and have agreed to do some sparring or test-drive in regards of their dream, with them as stars. Now that would be totally understandable, but I don't think there are so many aspirants to be porn movies directors? And both in the relationship? The chances are verty few.

So here we turn to much more negative possibilities of expanations for making a sex tape.

Maybe a person (or a couple) is so self involved that they simply want to see themselves over and over again. Because that's why you record something, to watch it again, and maybe again. That kind of narcisistic and/or hedonistic behavior can never lead to a good ending.

Perhaps they are indeed hoping someone will find the tape (DVD) sooner or later; they just want the attention. In the case of celebrities, they sue and get publicity... in the case or regular people, they want their partner to get upset, or to get horny, or to start a fight, or to become so insecure they will do things to "keep the other interested". In any case, it is still a self-involved behavior that has no regard whatsoever for the cosequences of their acts (for example, the feelings of the way this will affect the other person featured in the sex tape).

In any case of the above mentioned, as usual, I'm still at loss as to why someone would make a sex tape. I think of possibilities, but never come to a concise and exact answer. That's the wonder of life, I guess.

26 weeks...

... since my last update. Wow! I used to write here all the time!

I got married, and moved into our new apartment. Married life is very nice, we're about to turn 6 months, can you believe it?

As for work? Well, I had to give up the job teaching at University cuz they wanted me to be more easy going with the students; the leading professor is very relaxed (too much imho), and they wanted me to be like that. So I had to resign. Nonetheless, I have been doing some freelance work, and I love working at home. It doesn't pay as much and it has ups and downs, but I usppose it's all right for a while. Someday I will find a non-slaving job adn I will love it.

Apart from that, nothing more. I'm just going to go back to the paper I'm editing.




Oh. My. God! I will be married by this time in a week! Wow! Sooooo excited! And tired.

I have the theory that something happened to the clocks this week. In my mind I was still on Tuesday, and it was already Thursday! What on earth happened?! Wasn't the day supposed to have 24hrs and the week supposed to have like, seven days? Sheesh! I hope this coming week isn't as crazy, though I highly doubt it judging by how things have been going.

On Friday, I was supposed ot pick my dress up, but guess what? The lady in charge of the store just FORGOT about Holy week, so she told me to pick it up on Friday, but she forgot that no one works during holy week, so I am stuck WITHOUT my dress! I have to go on Wednesday again. Waaaa!

Apart from that, everything is going really well. We have the music, the food, the drinks (almost all of them; we still have to go buy the Champagne), the groom... hehe.

This weekend, the groom and me were both looking forward to a quiet weekend, since it's the last one of our single life (sounds SO GOOD, doesn't it?), but our cousins had other plans, so on Friday we were abducted by the cousins of MY side and yesterday we were abducted by the cousins on HIS side. Go figure the kind of weekend we had... Actually, we had a lot of fun, and since we are almost the last ones to get married on each side, everyone was so excited, and of course they wanted to celebrate, lol. On Friday it was mostly chatting, laughing and drinking til 2:30am; but yesterday... great Merlin! It had been quite a while since I last stayed up and perky until 4:30 in the morning! We played games, did stupid things, drank like crazy (well, me not that much; I rather like to watch others get wasted while I am simply tipsy, hehe), laughed even more... it was great. And this morning (well, not THAT morning), we had Caldo de gallina. It's like chicken soup, but made with the hen... it is SO GOOD! Picks you up in the question of minutes, lol.

Today I got home, watched some Season 3 of Heroes (I ADORE the series, it is SO GOOD! I would LOVE to meet the writers, but alas, I live in the other end of the continent, so fat chance... :( ) and now am supposed ot be working, but Merlin my eyes are tired!

Anyway, gotta go, I have a fanfic update to read and a page to work on.

I wish my HCR friends were here for my wedding :( I know they'll be with me in tehir hearts, but still... anyway...

How long!

Sheesh! I don't even rememeber the last time I posted here. I wanted to make this such an important thing in my life, but life kept getting in the way...

I got news! I'm getting married to the most wonderful man in the whole world in exactly a month from now! I'm so happy and so excited.

But weddings! My goodness! They are so friggin' expensive! We're only getting married in a civil ceremony and small reception (neither of us is religious), and we are spending SO MUCH MONEY! We wanted something small so we didn't have to spend so much moeny, but it was impossible to avoid. I now understand why so many people rather live together than get married.

Children? Not yet, thank you. I want to enjoy my husband for a while before I grow huge and have to worry about a little person all the time. But it'll come, definitely.

Anyway, just updating on my life.




So yesterday was the best b-day ever!

It really started on Friday because bf's b-day was on Saturday.

Friday we had some friends over at his place and I stayed overnight (something we don't do very often). He had so much fun, and I did too. It was really nice to see him so happy, hehe. Not that he is not, but usually he doesn't like to have so many people over, hehe. They stayed until about 2am and then we (me and bf) went to sleep and the next morning was really nice to wake up next to him (It always is, of course, but it was the morning of his b-day, so it was even nicer).

So Saturday we were running around all day. Unfortunately he had to go to work in the morning , so I picked him up and we went to have lunch with his mom and sister. Really good lunch, hehe. Gotta love hat restaurant.

Afterwards, we walked around; just talking, we love to do that. Then we went to have some ice cream with his father and sister (yes, she came to both reunions. Lucky one, hehe). Later  on the day, we went to my mom's place and hung around there for a while and then we were on our way for our dinner and dancing. Such good meat and such good music! Wonderful!

On Sunday we just had a little gathering with my family, celebrating my b-day in advance. And my mum invited HIS mum over. We were nervous because they had never met, but it went quite well, really!

Monday was the day. I picked him up from work and then we went for a quick lunch because we wanted to catch and early movie. Unfortunately, we went to see X-Files and it was SO BAD! Merlin! If you were a fan of the series and liked the previous movie, PLEASE don't go see this one! It sucks big time.

After we left the movie, we walked around some more and he took me around the cliff, watching the ocean...

We walked around and then sat on a lovely spot, away from all the people and directly with a view of the sea. We started talking and then he dropped something...

A velvet box!

It was beautiful! The ring is small and elegant. I love it! I am so very very VERY excited!

(Duh! Of course I said YES!)



Gas prices and oil drilling

Last week, in the Muggle Studies classroom at the Hogwarts Common Room, my friend Kim placed an issue that I believe is important to post in a "public" place like this.

Here is the core of her post:

Gas at $4.00 a gallon. Who's to blame?

Thanks to the environmentalist lobby and its influence on Democrat legislators in Congress, the U.S. has, for decades, been prohibited from drilling for oil in places that we know contain billions of barrels of proven reserves.

Look at the map (she had a better resolution map, but I couldn't get a hand on it).

All of the 'NO' zones are places where the U.S., thanks to the Democrat Party, is prohibited from drilling for oil.

But wait . it gets better. China, Cuba, Canada and others continue to drill off our shores where US companies are not allowed to drill because of Democrat policies!

Yes, that's right  . China and Cuba are actively exploring oil fields 50 miles from Key West, Florida while U.S. companies are barred from working in this area because of U.S. policy . So, instead of allowing the most environmentally responsible companies to operate there and increase our domestic supply, China, who has a dismal environmental record, is preparing to suck our close, lucrative oil reserves dry.


Americans who are worried about the direction of their country, including runaway energy and food prices, should keep in mind the upcoming election isn't just about choosing a new president. We'll also pick a new Congress.


So I responded:

Before I start, guys, you've had it easier than us; we've had unleaded gasoline shoot to the equivalent of almost USD$6 for over a year and a half now. Diesel's been running at $4 aprox. for that same period of time as well.
Anyhow, now to my post.
For this particular case, we first have to prioritize (sp?) before we speak. We have to prioritize between our economy and the future (as long-shot future as it may seem) of the world.
In my book, the future of the world comes first. But let me explain a little further. If there wasn't another way to move cars and public service besides Gas and Diesel, then the choice would be a little harder; however, there are other ways of filling the gas gap; something that doesn't happen with global warming.
If you see the image below (the red arrows are warm streams and the blue ones are cool streams) and most documentaries on global warming, you'll find that some very important streams run through those particular places and more, hence the democrats' regulations. The streams that go through the places where you have oil are mostly warm streams, which balance out the cold streams and keep the balance on earth. If you were to drill out there, you would upset the already precarious balance the earth is trying to sustain with all of our mistreats and contamination.

Now, for gasoline and diesel, there IS a better and cheaper, less contaminant and better way. You can transform your car from gasoline powered, to gas powered. Here in Peru, gas (not gasoline), the gallon of gas is the equivalent of  USD$0.60 and it contaminates less than normal gasoline, and of course much less than diesel. The transformation? Here it costs from USD$300 to USD$600, depending on the type and size of the tank you choose to put in you car.
So why doesn't the government do anything? Because there are too many interests and powers, much more powerful than environmentalist lobbies (mostly because they are not out in the open) and they don't let you do anything despite them knowing it is better for the environment and cheaper for the consumer.
I say it is time that you, US Citizens speak up and ask why don't you get the choice, instead of asking the government to drill for more contaminants and doom the world just a little bit more, maybe a little bit faster than it already is.

Any thoughts?


Thoughts on Eclipse

I only just finished reading it today (surprisingly enough, it only took me 6 days to read through the whole thing!) and I have mixed feelings about it.

Eclipse (third book in the Twilight series) spoilers aheadCollapse )

An on a lighter note...

I am glad about the results. I really am

American Idol Finale spoilersCollapse )